Recently our founder and CEO Dao Jensen was featured in SiliconANGLE to share her journey becoming an inspiring female leader, below are three key messages.

1. Diversify your skills

“Entrepreneurship is hard, an effective leader must increase their capabilities to manage the complexity of diverse employees, understand and respect differences, make swift adjustments when needed, and be ready for opportunities and challenges that come along.” 

You have to touch all facets and be able to understand all the different parts of the company. It’s very difficult for some people who are only analytical or only sales-oriented to be able to run a company at scale.

“I have a finance degree and had no idea what technology was,” said Dao. Before embarking in technology, Dao began her career as a financial analyst and had no idea of what Java was. However, the burning ambition of becoming a CFO or a CEO one day drove her to acquire knowledge in new areas.

2. Always be networking

“We have social media, but the best way to meet people is through other people, nothing beats the power of human connection. So going to events and having an idea of your goals at the event are important. Preparing and planning should be triple the time that you’re going to be at the event.” 

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3. Think positively and let your differences stand out

Labels and stereotypes persist, which can result in bias against female leaders and affect the opportunities that women entrepreneurs have and the progress they can make in the workplace. Although, when asked about her views, “Why take it negatively?” Dao asked. “The positive side is that you are female and you stand out. You better have your ideas in line and your resources, and you better be kick-ass. Next thing they know, you are better than whatever first impression they may have had.”


Come Curious, Leave Inspired

Dao Jensen is a prominent woman in cloud – a hustler, community activist, mother of four and soon-to-be Harvard graduate. She has been in the tech industry for over 20 years. In 2013, she founded Kaizen Technology Partners as the first 100% female minority owned firm. Dao was one of the 2019 Enterprising Women of the Year award winners.
The 3 Minutes with Dao Jensen series features her most inspirational and hardest learned lessons in three bitesize insights.

About Kaizen Technology Partners

Kaizen Technology Partners is a certified women-led premier cloud consulting and services firm based in San Francisco, California. With a strong leadership team and diverse technology expertise, Kaizen has been recognized as one of Inc 5000’s fastest growing private companies for three continuous years and is one of the Top 50 Fastest-Growing Women-Owned/Led Companies in the US.

As a cloud consulting firm, we can consult, plan and execute drastic business and IT transformation. Cooperation has never been more critical, and at Kaizen TP, we value bringing value to our clients and the community first. Please reach out to if you have any ideas for collaboration.

The list highlights Top 50 WPO members from around the world who has been on track of significant revenue growth from 2014-2019.

Congratulations to Dao Jensen – Our CEO and Founder for being featured as the Top 50 Women 2 Watch nominated by Women Presidents’ Organization (WPO).

The list highlights Top 50 WPO members from around the world who has been on track of significant revenue growth from 2014-2019.

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The Women Presidents’ Organization (WPO) has announced a new ranking of WPO members, called the WPO Women 2 Watch. The list will highlight WPO members from around the world who have applied for the 50 Fastest Growing Women-Owned/Led Companies™ listing and, based on experiencing significant revenue growth, are on their way to realize even greater growth. Dao Jensen Kaizen’s founder and CEO, has been ranked #10 on this year’s WPO Women 2 Watch list.

The ranking is for WPO members in good standing only, who have experienced impressive, growth from 2014-2019. Financial documents must be submitted by all companies for fact checking purposes. Members must be running their company’s day to day management as the CEO / President / Partner of a privately held company, with at least $2 million in annual revenue ($1 million for service-based businesses.). The ranking is based on a mathematic formula combining percentage and absolute growth. Applications for next year will be available in the first quarter of 2020. There is no cost to apply.

“Every year we have strong contenders from within the WPO membership for The Fifty Fastest Growing Women-Owned/Led Companies™ list. This year it will be sponsored by American Express. We think it is extremely important to recognize these successful women around the world who are thriving. The economic impact of these women-led businesses on the global economy is being felt directly through the jobs they create and the communities they serve,” said Camille Burns, WPO Chief Executive Officer.

Previously Kaizen was also recognized as 50 Fastest Growing Women-Owned/Led Companies by WPO in May 2019.

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Both the Women 2 Watch*, as well as the 50 Fastest listing, are compiled through a mathematic formula combining percentage and absolute growth. Financial documents are submitted by all companies for fact checking purposes. We are so happy to be able to inspire forward and learn from other amazing women in business.

About Women Presidents’ Organization (WPO)

The WPO is the premier peer advisory organization connecting women who own multi-million-dollar companies. In monthly meetings across six continents, chapters of 20 women presidents from diverse industries invest time and energy in themselves and their businesses to drive their corporations to the next level. Local WPO chapters are coordinated by a professional facilitator and meet monthly to share business expertise and experience in a confidential setting. For more information, contact 212-688-4114 or visit

About Kaizen Technology Partners

Kaizen Technology Partners is a woman-owned firm that started in San Francisco, California. We have over twenty years of industry experience and proven customer success. Our diverse customer base, global presence and extensive network of partners and advisers have enabled us to become thought leaders.

Kaizen is always in motion, helping you crystallize your vision and formulate your build, procure and optimize strategies. We understand technology and how it works in different environments, suggesting the right solution for your needs. And, as your company evolves, we will be there to support you along the way.

Kaizen Technology Partners is proud to announce that its CEO and Founder, Dao Jensen, has joined the Board of Directors for the Institute for Economic Empowerment of Women (IEEW). As a female leader in the tech industry with a proven record of supporting women in business, this new role places her in a position to offer further dynamic support for the empowerment of women in the United States and around the world.

The Institute for Economic Empowerment of Women (IEEW), started in 2006, is an Oklahoma. Its mission is to empower women to grow their businesses, pursue greater entrepreneurial ventures and become more active public policy advocates.

The Institute accomplishes this mission by focusing on education, mentorship and coaching global women who are seeking to acquire entrepreneurial skills to grow a business. IEEW works with a diverse network of mentors, corporate sponsors, and private donors to accomplish its work. Making a global impact for over a decade now, IEEW is building bridges to peace, one woman at a time.

Please visit to learn more about Dao’s new role.

About Dao Jensen, the CEO and Founder of Kaizen Technology Partners 

Dao Jensen has been in the tech industry for over 20 years and founded Kaizen Technology Partners LLC in 2013 as the first 100% female minority-owned Born in the Cloud Focused VAR in the San Francisco Bay Area. They help Fortune 500 Enterprises and medium-sized clients optimize, strategize, and procure data centers and cloud environments.

Dao has personally grown and bootstrapped the company to $12+ million in sales in 5 years’ time. Dao grew up in Minnesota with entrepreneurial parents who immigrated to the United States from Vietnam with seven kids. She is a community activist and a mother of four. She loves mentoring others to become entrepreneurs and achieve their dreams and promotes living everyday as if it were our last.