Accelerating Cloud-First Transformation

The cloud isn’t just transforming how modern applications are built but also how business success is achieved. Enterprises across industries are now leveraging the cloud to enable new business models, power new products and services, and unlock new efficiencies with advanced automation.

But finding the right set of cloud technologies and services for your enterprise requires trusted expertise capable of strategically aligning IT with business objectives. Kaizen Technology Partner’s comprehensive portfolio of cloud enablement services and implementations provides enterprises with the expertise and support they need to accelerate their cloud-driven digital transformation roadmaps.


Drive Enterprise-wide IT Transformation

From evaluation and planning, to production and implementation, Kaizen provides you with the architects, administrators and engineers needed to kick start your IT transformation and accelerate your enterprise’s path to the cloud.

Cloud Consulting

Leverage our expertise to devise a cloud strategy tailored to your enterprise based on a comprehensive evaluation of your existing infrastructure, application ecosystem and business needs and objectives.

Cloud Architecture Design & Development

Leverage our end-to-end development services to design, develop and deploy the right set of solutions, services and support systems across public, private and hybrid clouds.

Cloud Proof of Concepts

Rapidly develop and test PoCs without making sizable investments, giving you the ability to validate cloud initiatives and eliminate uncertainty in implementation.

Cloud Migration & Integration

Integrate cloud solutions and services with your current IT infrastructure and application ecosystem.

Managed Cloud Services

Leverage our expert services to manage, monitor, and maintain the operations of your public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructure.

A Rapid Path to Cloud Converged Infrastructure

Kaizen’s engineers, architects and developers enable us to provide you with the expertise and support you need to take full advantage of today’s leading cloud technologies and simultaneously drive your enterprise’s IT and business transformation.

Provide end-to-end cloud strategy consultancy, IT infrastructure evaluation, solution selection, and implementation across today’s leading cloud services and vendors, including Amazon Web Services, Google Apps, Microsoft Azure, VMware, RightScale and Microsoft Hyper.

Enable big data, informatics and advanced analytics capabilities with leading cloud computing services and technologies

Provide PoC/pilot provisioning on the cloud and migrating development and testing environment on to the cloud

Develop and deploy clouds tailored to your specific business requirements

Deliver expert managed services across all cloud-based IT functions, from management and monitoring, to dev ops and support