9 key takeaways at Google Cloud Next 2019

Kaizen Technology Partners at Google Cloud Next 2019

Google Cloud Next 2019 at Moscone Center in San Francisco on 9-11 April has made significant announcements about Open source, AI platform and retailers support. As a key partner of Google Cloud Platform, Kaizen Technology Partners has participated to update and sharpen up our cloud optimization strategy.

Here are the 9 key takeaways picked by KaizenTP from the announcement:

1. New Open-Source Integrations: Open-source integrations into the Google Cloud Console: Google Cloud’s new CEO, Thomas Kurian, shares his view about gaining customers, startups and supporting open source. Google announces that it has partnered with a number of top open-source data management and analytics companies to integrate their products into its Google Cloud Platform and offer them as managed services operated by its partners, including Confluent, DataStax, Elastic, InfluxData, MongoDB, Neo4j and Redis Labs. The move differentiates Google’s treatment of open-source ecosystems from other cloud providers.

2. Google Cloud Run: Google Cloud Run brings serverless and containers together

3. Anthos: Google’s  Cloud Services Platform for managing hybrid clouds that span on-premise data centers and the Google cloud is coming out of beta today. This will allow enterprises to use a single platform, running on Google’s cloud, to deploy and manage their applications on any cloud.

4. End-to-end AI platform: The highlight of 2nd day’s announcements is the beta launch of the company’s AI Platform. This service combines the company’s Vision Product Search, Recommendations AI and AutoML Tables into a single solution for tackling retail use cases.

5. Google Cloud is launching Cloud Data Fusion in beta. This service lets people aggregate all their data sets in a single interface. Moreover, Google Cloud takes aim at verticals starting with new set of tools for retailers. The company announced a new phase of its partnership with Salesforce, offers eCommerce Hosting, designed specifically for online retailers, and it is offering a special premium program.

6. Google Cloud is bringing two new data centers online in 2020: One in Seoul, South Korea and one in Salt Lake City, Utah.

7. Google launches its coldest storage service yet. What makes Google cold storage different from the likes of AWS S3 Glacier, for example, is that the data is immediately available, without millisecond latency.

8. Google Cloud Code to make cloud-native development easier. Cloud Code ideally makes Writing cloud-native apps so easy that it’ll be far easier for developers — and the companies that employ them — to make this move to a modern infrastructure.

9. Google’s managed database service to support Microsoft SQL Server. It means if your company uses Microsoft SQL Server database, you don’t have to use Microsoft Azure. Your database will work just fine on Google’s Cloud SQL.

Kaizen Technology Partners is a woman-owned firm to provide solutions for our clients to innovate their business intelligence systems by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to transform their data management and analytics. Our network of strategic technology partners enables us to deliver the right solutions and expertise that our customers depend on.

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*Source: TechCrunch

The 7th Top Women In Cloud: “This year’s award marks a significant shift in the industry”

On 29 Jan 2019 at Facebook HQ, The Museum Room, California, the 7th annual of Top Women In Cloud has come to an end with huge success.

This was an evening of exciting lightning talks, VC panel, awards, and networking at the Premier Event Honoring Top Entrepreneurial Women in Cloud and Converging Technologies.

Syamla Bandla on behalf of Facebook came on stage to welcome the audience and introduce about the 7th TOP WOMEN IN CLOUD 2018 award – the annual event to celebrate excellence in female tech entrepreneurship and be inspired to create change with participants from the global founders, CXOs and the next generation of female scholars.

“To all the women in the event today, Together we are creating change and diversity in the world of technology!” – Jocelyn DeGance Graham, Founder of CloudNOW said about the CloudNOW’s STEM scholarship. About the CloudNOW’s STEM scholarship – CloudNOW used its fundraising efforts to support two education institutions: Holberton School of Engineering and Shanti Bhavan Children’s Project.

These partners were selected based on their achievement of producing exceptional results and their philosophy of diversity and inclusion. CloudNOW enables women all over the world to gain technical skills and build a foundation for a successful career

Congratulations to all the Holberton Scholars – batch 2018/19 for CloudNOW STEM scholarships! Representatives from HOLBERTON and SHANTI BHAVAN CHILDREN’S PROJECT sharing about their vision and expressing their appreciation to Cloud NOW for the CloudNOW STEM Scholarship and Awards. Also, we would like to thank our STEM scholarship funders: Facebook, Google, and Intel.

On stage now is Ms. Dao Jensen – introducing to all the audience our honorary keynote speaker and lightning talk speakers. Dao has been in the tech industry for over 20yrs and founded Kaizen Technology Partners LLC in 2013 as the first 100% female minority owned Born in the Cloud Focused VAR in the San Francisco Bay Area, helping Fortune 500 Enterprise clients optimize, strategize, and procure data centers and cloud environments. Cloud NOW, Office of the Cloud – Powered by Kaizen Technology Partners and Techstars, and @Dao Jensen have really done the great work of bringing in full-house of the top women thought leaders into the center of Silicon Valley today!

This year’s award marks a significant shift in the industry with the proliferation of women entrepreneurs who are stepping up and leading venture-funded technology companies.” – Founder of Cloud NOW, Jocelyn DeGance Graham.

Top Women In Cloud is an annual event to celebrate excellence in female tech entrepreneurship and be inspired to create change with participants from the global founders, CXOs and the next generation of female scholars.

This year event is hosted by Facebook Production Engineering in partnerships with Office of the Cloud – Powered by Kaizen Technology Partners and Techstars.

Kaizen Technology Partners

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