Analytics and Big Data Infrastructure

Data drive business. Modern enterprises need to have the right intelligence and insights at their disposal to make the critical decisions that determine success in today’s fast-paced and hypercompetitive business landscape.

But with the accelerating volume, variety and velocity of data, enterprises are confronted with the challenge of enabling the right analytics and data management mechanisms necessary to uncover the signal hidden in the all noise.


Turning Data into Intelligence

From storage and administration to building data transformation ecosystems, Kaizen Technology Partners has extensive experience and expertise in data-driven business enablement and analytics solutions development that align with your business objectives.

Business Data Consulting

Develop the right frameworks and models to turn your data into insights and insights into business value by leveraging our consulting expertise in data design thinking and storytelling.

Enterprise Data Platform Services

From warehousing, to governance, to data transformation, build the Big Data ecosystem necessary for you to extract maximum value from your data with our consulting and engineering services.

Business Intelligence and Insight Reporting

Leverage enterprise-grade BI reporting and data visualization tools built for your organization’s business needs.

Advanced Analytics

Employ sophisticated data science techniques, analytics automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence to uncover critical insights from your data assets.

Enterprise Cloud Ops

Leverage cloud computing to drive Big Data strategies by tapping into our expert cloud consulting, engineering, and DevOps services.

Integrated Managed Services

Harness our managed services across the domains of Big Data, Business Intelligence, Data Integration, and Application management to enable you to extract maximum value from your enterprise systems and data assets.

Solutions and Technologies for the Data-Driven Enterprise

At Kaizen, we employ a holistic approach to identify and recommend the right technologies and practices for our customers. We not only enable them to optimize the value of their current resources, we also use our expertise to help them build for the future, selecting the right technologies to accelerate their digital transformation roadmaps.

Developing Big Data and Analytics ecosystems to enable sophisticated business intelligence and insighting capabilities

Integrating data, processes and decision making, allowing enterprises to capture the full value from their data assets

Selecting optimal data storage solutions, be it Storage Area Networks (SAN), Network Attached Storage (NAS), or Direct Attached Storage (DAS)

Developing storage optimization plans such as Tiered storage/ILM, Thin provisioning, Storage virtualization, and Clustered file systems

Provide database and master data management services, Cloning, Replication, Mirroring, Snapshots and Deduplication