Dao Jensen takes her new role at the Board of Directors of the Institute for EconInstitute for Economic Empowerment of Women (IEEW)

May 21, 2019

Kaizen Technology Partners is proud to announce that its CEO and Founder, Dao Jensen, has joined the Board of Directors for the Institute for Economic Empowerment of Women (IEEW). As a female leader in the tech industry with a proven record of supporting women in business, this new role places her in a position to offer further dynamic support for the empowerment of women in the United States and around the world.

The Institute for Economic Empowerment of Women (IEEW), started in 2006, is an Oklahoma. Its mission is to empower women to grow their businesses, pursue greater entrepreneurial ventures and become more active public policy advocates.

The Institute accomplishes this mission by focusing on education, mentorship and coaching global women who are seeking to acquire entrepreneurial skills to grow a business. IEEW works with a diverse network of mentors, corporate sponsors, and private donors to accomplish its work. Making a global impact for over a decade now, IEEW is building bridges to peace, one woman at a time.

Please visit https://ieew.org/2019/06/ieew-continues-to-diversify-through-leadership/ to learn more about Dao’s new role.

About Dao Jensen, the CEO and Founder of Kaizen Technology Partners 

Dao Jensen has been in the tech industry for over 20 years and founded Kaizen Technology Partners LLC in 2013 as the first 100% female minority-owned Born in the Cloud Focused VAR in the San Francisco Bay Area. They help Fortune 500 Enterprises and medium-sized clients optimize, strategize, and procure data centers and cloud environments.

Dao has personally grown and bootstrapped the company to $12+ million in sales in 5 years’ time. Dao grew up in Minnesota with entrepreneurial parents who immigrated to the United States from Vietnam with seven kids. She is a community activist and a mother of four. She loves mentoring others to become entrepreneurs and achieve their dreams and promotes living everyday as if it were our last.

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